Theme Of Useful Knowledge In Hard Times

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Hard times is a novel set in the 1840’s during the Victorian Period in the North of England. It’s set at a time when Britain is changing dramatically because of the Industrial Revolution, which is mainly affecting this part of Britain. In this economic and social context, deeply influenced by the rapid and multifarious changes of industrialisation and the emergence of the middle class , "Hard Times" focused the attention on conflicts between a new era based on science and a legacy of traditional classical study of the previous period. As a result of such transformational forces, Charles Dickens observed the shifting from the value of the Romanticism to scientific study , that became seen as the more “useful” form of learning. The consequences of the use of the new concept of “useful knowledge” can be seen in the education system, depicted by Dickens in his novel Hard Times. Considering this new concept of “useful knowledge” , the novel try to depict an education system in which authorities attempt…show more content…
Dickens is famous of using many techniques throughout the novel in order to show his views on education system; in this phrase the irony used by him reflects the character 's exaggerated wish of trasmitting the importance of facts to his pupils.As stated in his perspective, the pupils will not only have Facts “plant[ed]” in them; they will also have “everything else” “root[ed] out.” “Everything else” means what comprises a natural development of childhood, including imagination, wonder, curiosity, playfulness, and
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