Theme Of View Of Paul In Tangerine

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The main point of this story, Tangerine, by Edward Bloor, is how the people that society look down upon see things from different points of view. An example of this is the main character, Paul, who society looks down upon, as they consider him blind, however, he often sees what others do not and has excessive knowledge of the world around him. Even though he sees everything, he does not say what he knows and others do not ask him, for they believe he has no knowledge of the problems. After moving to Tangerine, he sees his brother doing horrible things and his parents none the wiser. His friend suffers at the hands of his brother and consequently, ends up dying, and afterwards, Paul feels much guilt for the words unsaid. Since many people look down upon Paul, he notices facts and clues society does not, however, he fears saying something, in which causes his friend to end up dying Within the story, Paul lives in his own bubble, disconnected from the world and society, so he knows what others do not. It is as if Paul lives in the sun and knowledge of the world, baring that burden while others in society live in darkness with a slight sliver of light from the moon, believing they know the world to its full extent when in reality they are blind and in the dark. This affects Paul since he possesses ideas from another point of view that others have no clue about. This is important because without the knowledge that Paul posses, he would be like his none the wiser parents, which
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