Theme Of Violence In Beowulf

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What is violence? As we think about violence we always infer it as bloody, fearful, and filled with hatred. During the Anglo-Saxon time, violence was common and warriors with tales had celebrated the great heros. In the epic poem Beowulf, there is an immense of violence that was accepted with different feelings by the other characters in the poem. The two main form of violence was performed by Grendel, the antagonist and the epic hero Beowulf, the protagonist. Through, all the violence such as battle in the poem, Beowulf was refer as a true hero because of the effort he put on during the battle for his team. In today’s generation violence is not as similar as it was during the Anglo-Saxon time, which makes us believe that it is unnecessary…show more content…
Through the story he is presented as a unique character. He is portrayed as misunderstood, confused yet a complex creature. Grendel character is important in the poem because without him, there would be no battle and no violence which would make the story pointless. In Herot, Gardel first “slipped through the door and there is the silence Snatched up thirty men”(36-37). Which gives the readers general idea about the story is leading to conflict. As he killed those men he is “delighted with his night’s slaughter”(40-41). Grendel, had killed Danish people to fulfill a blood lust and a deep hatred because in his situation he was alone. However, Beowulf had to lead his geats to fight with Grendel in cruel way, they were ready to take blood for blood. Grendel’s first action had lead the poem to the most important part of the story which is the…show more content…
The antagonist, Grendel is essential for the whole poem because if he had not perform a violence such as killing thirty men in the beginning of the story, there would be no need for Beowulf to come to Herot and battle with the monsters. Furthermore, if Beowulf didn’t had killed the evil Grendel, he would not be able to reach Grendel’s mother to kill her. Overall, without all these terrifying violence, the poem would be incomplete and Beowulf would not be able to provide peace and justice to the

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