Theme Of Violence In The Iliad

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Violence is Never the Answer (The analysis of three different types of violence that occurs in Homer’s Iliad translated by Robert Fagles) Are all guys arguments based around girls? They are either fighting over who gets the girl or whose girl is better. Since this occurs so often they decided to dedicate a whole book to guys fighting over girls, which seems pretty sad. So, this book is about two guys fighting over who gets Briseis and then this leads into one big war and in the end no one really gets her. With fighting there comes a lot of violence and we are not just talking the physical type of violence, we are talking about the multiple types of violence in which will cause psychological violence. They all come together to create this one big battle in which a lot of people who got hurt not just physically, but emotionally and physically. Homer told this tale of Iliad and Robert Fagles translated it so we could understand and in this poem there is a lot of violence that happens that is not just the physical kind, but there is also Linguistic, and psychological violence that occurs in this tale. Physical violence is the main type of violence that happens in Homers the Iliad this type of violence is the least important out of the other types of violence because we all know that people are going to die in war. The worst part about the physical violence in this poem is how detailed and descriptive the scenes of the battles are. How the author writes about the blood pouring

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