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Viy: Spirit of Evil is a Soviet horror film from 1967. It was written by Konstantin Yershov and Georgi Kropachyov. The movie is based off of Nikolai Gogol’s Viy which is a horror novel or as Nikolai states a folk-lore. The movie starts with seminary students leaving for vacation. On the way three of the students get lost and they ask an older lady to stay at a farm house to stay there for the night. She agreed and had them stay in different spots on the farm. As the main character Khoma laid down to sleep the lady came to him and tried to seduce him. When it didn’t work she cursed him and got on his back, flying around. He realized she was a witch and demanded to be put down. Once they were down Khoma beat her with a stick then ran away back to the seminary school. The woman then turned into a beautiful girl as she crawled back…show more content…
Konstantin Yershov and Georgi Kropachyov try to touch on a few different myths or folklores of Russia that __ uses in the book. Along with this the producers represented society and the Cossacks during the imperial time quite well. The clothing which the cast wore during this time was Turkish inspired which was an interesting choice because during the time period when the movie was made Keivan Rus had many influences from different countries mainly the Mongols. Another historical idea that the writers brought forward in this move was the idea of the Cossacks being more of a religious entity instead of a political one. This gave a different light to the Cossacks in a positive way. One of the reason why is because in order to join the Cossacks the person must be Orthodox Christian. Along with the religious aspect of the Cossack, the writers showed the Cossacks as a fearless people or at least tried to. The main character Khoma said that “Cossacks are not afraid because there isn’t anything to be afraid
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