Theme Of Weakness In A Wrinkle In Time

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Weakness is an ongoing condition in the world. Every person has felt it at some given point in their life. A Wrinkle In Time, by author, Madeleine Le’Engle, expounds upon this state of being in a fresh and original way. By making each character’s weakness something to weigh them down throughout the novel, this situation gives them the time and encouragement that they need to overcome their insecurities and use their individual troubles to their advantage. They come to realize that their differences should be praised and not looked down upon. Towards the end of the novel, Meg and her friends are able to escape the possession of IT by failing to count in unison with the man bearing red eyes and yelling out various things while the man attempts to control them. The man, who is one of the few opposing forces in the novel, informs them that failing to do a simple task is a form of one of their many weaknesses and can no longer be tolerated. Fortunately, Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace realize the hypnosis that the man was attempting to put on them and are eventually led to Meg’s father. The children knew that if they wanted to escape IT’s grasp, they needed to have confidence in their differences and use their “weakness” to escape eventual annihilation. In a way, the same weaknesses that Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which and Mrs. Who told them not to use ended up becoming their greatest asset. At the beginning of the story, as we start to learn more about the main characters, we find

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