Theme Of Women In A View From The Bridge

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Explore the ways in which Miller presents women in ‘A View from the Bridge’ A view from the Bridge by Arthur Miller is a modern tragedy set in Brooklyn around the 1950s. The play centres around Italian immigrants and American values and way of life, focusing mainly on Eddie Carbone and his family and in particular his relationship with Catherine. Whilst Miller presents women as having stereotypical supporting roles, which was rather typical in the era set in as women were perceived as the weaker gender. In 1950s America, which was just after World War 2, it was common to see that people were strictly adhering to their stereotypical roles in society and tried to make a perfect life for themselves. He also depicts the unhappiness and frustration they experience which ultimately leads to rebellion against societal norms. In the play, A View from the Bridge, Miller presents women as largely adhering to prevalent traditional roles, clothing and appearance in the 1950s in order to depict how refined women 's lives were and still are today. Miller presents the feminine figure through traditional articles of clothing generally associated with women whilst also illustrating the typical roles both gender have in society. For example, Eddie is the adult making the comments about Catherine’s appearance such as ‘[the skirt is] too short’ and ‘What’s the high heels for, Garbo’. Throughout the play, there are several moments where Catherine is seen to be ‘adjusting] her dress under
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