Theme Of Women In Measure For Measure

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How are the women in viewed and treated by men in Shakespeare 's Measure for Measure?
Female characters in Shakespeare’s play Measure for Measure are objectified and are expected to be submissive to the male characters wishes. The women are expected to be innocent and pure but as soon as they lose their virginity they are labeled as sluts and whores. They are also expected to be submissive to the male characters demands for example: isabella and Marian all of these women were at one point in the play labeled or objectified by the male characters.

Isabella is expected to be submissive to Angelo and the Dukes wishes while they completely disregard her desires to either keep her chastity or become a nun. For example: Angelo propose the idea for Isabella to give up her virginity for her brother’s life. “Say you so? then I shall pose you quickly.Which had you rather, that the most just law now took your brother’s life; or, to redeem him, Give up your body to such sweet uncleanness as she that he hath stain’d?” ( 2.4.1075). In this scene Angelo is revealing his whole plan to Isabella and is expecting her to be submissive and accept his offer. “If he be like your brother, for his sake Is he pardon 'd; and, for your lovely sake, Give me your hand and say you will be mine. He is my brother too: but fitter time for that. By this Lord Angelo perceives he’s safe; Methinks I see a quickening in his eye. Well, Angelo, your evil quits you well: Look that you love your wife; her worth

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