Theme, Symbolism In Ghost, By Jason Reynolds

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The book, Ghost, by Jason Reynolds is a story about a boy named Castle, but is called Ghost. Castle has a very rough life because his father is imprisoned and his mother struggles with finances. Castle is a misbehaved kid who struggles in school and makes a track team which motivates him to be good in school. Track played ended up playing a huge role in his life and went through the ups and downs with him. Track taught him respect and discipline which spread throughout his home. This literary analysis will tell you about the theme,symbolism,author 's craft,characters relationships and a lesson that everyone one should learn. Symbolism These two pairs of shoes played a huge role in the book and just lead Castle to getting in trouble. To begin with when Castle made his high tops low tops it was the first time when shoes played a big role in the book. When Castle cut his shoes to go faster but this only hurt him because his classmate Shamika embarrassed him. “Shamika couldn’t get herself together long enough to even speak, so instead she just pointed at my feet” (Reynolds 80). What Shamika did made Castle so frustrated that he skipped school and made him realize it was a waste of money which was already a problem in his family. Another time shoes played a big role was when Castle stole the “Silver Bullets” from the sports store. When Castle first stole the shoes he thought it was the best thing he has done for his track career but he was punished for it.”A close-up of my
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