Themement In Booker T Washington's Up From Slavery

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Booker T Washington in his literary work up from slavery has a central theme of freedom throughout. The story has a tale of Washington and his quest throughout his life, and his aim to be successful. The tone he uses to weave his tale would be an optimistic point of view and lighthearted tone. As he firmly believes that blacks and whites can live together in harmony. The way Washington believes the way to accomplish this is through education at his institute then using the education to progress in life. “Success is not to be measured by the position one has reached in life as by which the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed” (Booker T Washington Up from Slavery). This quote exemplifies Washington’s philosophy. To emphasis this point of optimism even further, throughout Up from Slavery Washington makes no clear antagonist known.…show more content…
Despite having no antagonist, Up from Slavery features a rags to riches story of Washington. Theres no one big conflict, but a compilation of minor conflicts. Usually regarding his lack of currency at the time. Which in the end is an obstacle Washington must overcome to achieve his overall goal of obtaining his education. Washington’s use of imagery makes a vivid image for the reader to have more of a dramatic effect to the reader. For example, Washington uses imagery to describe the darkness and dreariness of the Tuskegee institutes basement, and how alumni feel returning to see it renovated. He also uses allusions to show his influences. Washington alludes to several people and events of his time. For instance, a journalist reporting on his Atlanta Exposition address notes, "Nothing has happened since Henry Grady 's immortal speech before the New England society in New York that indicates so profoundly the spirit of the New
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