Themes And Allusions In Alan Moore's V For Vendetta

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Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta is a graphic novel, it contains comparatively fewer words and primarily relies on visual cues and allusions. Allusions are a significant aspect of this novel, with a multitude of functions. In this specific work, allusions have a great influence on readers and are responsible for giving the work its value; providing readers with the freedom to explore the text on their own, to shape it in accordance with the literary, cultural and historical references concealed within the text. This freedom takes readers beyond what is present in the text and engenders a higher and indispensable meaning of the work. Nearly every word and every visual in V for Vendetta has a concealed ancestor, making it exhilarating to explore. The function of allusions in this novel is not limited to extra textual meaning that effects readers only but also influences the characters within the novel. ‘V’ and ‘Evey Hammond’ are two protagonists of the novel. V is a masked anarchist who rebels against the fascist government of the dystopian near-future version of United Kingdom and Evey is a teen who seems lost and devastated by her past life experiences. V acts as a mentor to Evey, under his mentorship she goes through a process of transition in which numerous changes occur to her personality and ultimately to her identity. The process of transition is detailed throughout the novel, allusions act as a major component in understanding the process and the fluctuating

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