Chinese Cinderella Quote Analysis

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“It hurts when the person who made you feel special yesterday makes you feel so unwanted today”. Chinese Cinderella is about a little girl named Adeline who was an unwanted daughter. Her father and stepmother showed her no love, she had only two family members who cared about her, her Ye Ye and her Aunt Baba. Adeline’s parents did not support her and treated her like a slave, but Ye Ye and Aunt Baba treated her like a precious little treasure. Adeline was a truly bright girl and without her Grandfather and Aunt’s support she would not have been where she is today.

YeYe helps Adeline achieve her dreams, and believed in her. He did not just believe in her, he showed many other ways that he loved her too. “I have tried to tell you over
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Aunt Baba especially told Adeline how important she was and made Adeline feel special. “Keep in mind always, always, always no matter what, that you are worthwhile and very important to me, wherever I may be.”(Chinese Cinderella page 195). This quote summarizes how much Aunt Baba cared for Adeline and how much she believed in her. Aunt Baba made Adeline feel like she was smart, she kept her report cards in a safe keeping box, this made Adeline feel special. “-my precious little treasure?”(Chinese Cinderella page 2). Aunt Baba called Adeline a precious little treasure to make her feel notable. Aunt Baba and Adeline lived in the same room and became very close. After a while of the two bonding Aunt Baba sort of took on the role as a mother for Adeline. Adeline never would 've experienced a motherly role if it weren 't for Aunt…show more content…
Both Aunt Baba and YeYe took on the role of being a parent. They both encouraged her to keep on moving forward. “ ‘This play is dedicated to my grandfather’ ” (Chinese Cinderella page 184). Ye Ye encouraged Adeline to compete in the playwriting contest, so she did and dedicated her play to him and ended up winning the competition. If Ye Ye hadn’t encouraged her she might not of written the story and got inspired and started writing books. “I watched her open her closet door and take out her safe-deposit box. She took the key from an old gold chain around her neck and placed my certificate underneath her jade bracelet, pearl necklace and diamond watch, as if my award were also some precious jewel impossible to replace.” (Chinese Cinderella page 2) This quote shows how Aunt Baba supports Adeline 's school work, she treats it like a precious jewel and collects her report cards. Without Aunt Baba’s support Adeline might not have been motivated enough to try for school. Both Ye Ye and Aunt Baba encouraged Adeline in so many ways, without them she would have been very
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