Themes And Symbolism In 'I M Not Scared'

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The novel ‘I’m Not Scared’ written by Niccolò Ammaniti uses contrast, symbolism and motif to create an impact on his audience. Contrast is used between the characters Antonio Natale and Michele Amitrano, through their opposite personalities and morals. It is also shown through the adult world and the child world, showing the different challenges between the two. Symbolism is used to show the poverty that the protagonist’s family is experiencing, through a plastic gondola and Michele’s younger sister’s glasses, and the wheat fields which represent Michele’s innocence. Motif is shown throughout the novel by the repetition of imagination and fear.
The author Ammaniti uses contrast between Antonio Natale and Michele Amitrano through personalities, and the child world and adult world through challenges and obstacles. Contrast between Antonio and Michele is evident when Antonio demands Barbara Mura to show her genitals, as in Antonio’s perspective she lost the race, not Michele, so she must perform the forfeit. This is because Antonio has something against Barbara, so “his sadistic mind got to work” (page 19) and he decided on her to do something humiliating in front of all the other boys. This impacts the audience as they would feel disgusted with Antonio, and sympathy for Barbara. It is then shown that Michele has ethics and morals, as he realises “the forfeit was too harsh” (page 19), so he stopped Barbara and he did the forfeit for her, as he actually lost the race. This makes
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