Reflection On The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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The epic of gilgamesh is a story about a grave and an immortal man who is “powerful and tall beyond all others, violent, splendid, a wild bull of man, unvanuished leader, hero in the front, and beloved by his soldiers.” There are many effective parts in this story which have greatfull meanings. In addition, one of the the best parts that changed my mind about a subject is adventue. The point that I got from that part is that adventures worth dying for, as Gilgamish said that “our days are few in number, and whatever we achieve is a puff of wind… I die in the forest on this adventure.” As a result, one day we will die, so we can do any adventures that worth dying for. This story leds me to ask myself “is adventure a great idea which worths dying for?” YES, it s. Being a person who everyone would talk about after he or she dies is realy a great choice to choose. Being a veteran is to feel the duty to secure our nation and to battle for what you put stock in. It intends to love your nation enough to forfeit your life if essential. It intends to have faith in God, your nation, and your convictions. Being a veteran is to chance your life to help other people recuperate when they couldn't do it all alone. It intends to be valued by the general population you have battled for and secured. It intends to have respect in all that you do and say. To me, a veteran is somebody who cherishes this nation in particular. A veteran must love their nation keeping in mind the end goal to abandon her or his family for opportunity. Not only for their opportunity but rather for the majority of our own. That is what being a veteran intends to me. What being a veteran intends to me is to be overcome. To be overcome is to…show more content…
They will talk about how brave he or he was. How he or she fought for his or her counry eventhough he or she knew that he or she may
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