Themes In Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

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Boy in Stripped Pyjamas
The boy in the stripped pyjamas by John Boyne details the life of a 8 year old Bruno and his German family during the time of the second world war Boyne alters the story’s narration to a third person limited view to somewhat conform Bruno’s perspectives of his surroundings which often includes childish opinions and lack of common sense.
Much of the story follows Bruno’s internal struggles as his life changes drastically Bruno goes from a time living in a luxurious home in berlin, without a care in the world, playing with friends and being a child to living in an unpleasant home on a disturbing death camp due to his fathers promotion in a high ranking Military official in Hitler’s arm force. Bruno is constantly curious yet worried about the people living on the other side of the death camp which he observes every day from his bedroom window the book states in Bruno’s imagination he had thought all the huts were full of happy families some of whom who sat outside on rocking chairs in the evening and told stories and how they had respect for there elders.
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As the days pass, Bruno’s curiosity multiplies and as he has a adventures soul aspiring to become an explorer, he explores one day and discovers another 8 year old boy living on the other side of the fence (the fence, which symbolically represents the separation of 1 world) named Shmuel, Shmuel wore prison clothing (alongside the other Jews inside the fence) which Bruno in his immature fashion believes to be of no significance or similarity other than being a stripped
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