Voltaire's Quotes In Catch-22

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Many classic novels are identified as such when they can maintain their relevance despite the historical context. Joseph Heller’s novel, Catch-22, is a notably classic piece of literature since several of its themes are still applicable today. The philosopher Voltaire states: “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong”, and this concept is expressed as a theme in this novel. Voltaire’s quote is proven true through the unjust lives of the bombardiers as well as scenarios with a falsely accused chaplain and mistakenly dead doctor. Furthermore, I concur with Voltaire’s quote due to my knowledge of the current conditions and events in Iran. The greatest validation of Voltaire’s quote in Catch-22 is a catch-22 in and of itself.
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As many Americans have read or seen on the news, it has been reported that six Iranian youths have posted a video, which later goes viral, of them dancing on rooftops to Pharrell William’s song, Happy. By participating in this exploitation of simple human rights – freedom of expression – the Iranian government considers this a crime and has them arrested and “paraded on state TV on May 20, 2014, where they were forced to express remorse for their “guilty” act” (Dancing to Pharrell Williams’ "Happy" Lands Youths in Jail). Although the Iranian government is against not only this type of behavior, but also the type of clothes the youths are dressed in – Iranian women are traditionally covered from head to toe, and in this video they are not, in which case their outfits are considered to be vulgar – I, as well as these Iranians, believe as people we have the right to freely express ourselves without the government interfering. Unfortunately, Voltaire’s quote, “it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong”, is verified due to the Iranian’s immediate arrest for challenging the government. As proven, the corrupt power of a higher authority continues to cause unjust conditions for both those who support them and those who resist
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