Themes In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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From the moment we are born, most if not all parents truly want the best for their kids. Some have ways of guiding us through life in manners which seem too harsh meanwhile others can easily pour out their love. As a kid continues to grow, certain influences and factors are constantly altering their viewpoints, beliefs, ethics, morals and values. This motif is seen in Chinua Achebe’s novel, Things Fall Apart, with Okonkwo, the protagonist character having a tight clamp around his son, Nwoye. Nwoye is a deeply troubled lad –not understanding certain aspects of his culture, constantly trying to satisfy his father, internally baffling with his identity and who is to become. To many cultures in world history, the arrival of European settlers was a…show more content…
However, few feel it is due to European settlers that their country/nation was able to develop and advance. Many also give credit to the beliefs (politically and religiously), trade system(s), centralized government and innovations Europeans brought with them. Similarly, in Things Fall Apart, Achebe uses Nwoye’s character to demonstrate how the arrival of Europeans made an influence on certain people which resulted a shift with their identity, beliefs/values and culture. Before the arrival of European missionaries, Achebe establishes Nwoye’s internal conflicts he has within his culture which takes a toll on his personal identity. In Okonkwo’s eyes, he has begotten an effeminate son just like “roaring flames begets cold, impotent ash” (Achebe 147). To Okonkwo, Nwoye resembles nothing like him and instead takes after the qualities
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