Ender's Game Themes

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Orson Scott Card is the author of Ender’s Game. Ender, the main character, is taken away from earth and his family to be flown out to battle school in space, for he is smart and represents all the physical and mental traits you would need to be a great commander. He went on to train and eventually be fighting, and killing all the buggers without even knowing it, thinking it was just a simulator. Two themes solidly supported in this book are, things aren’t always going to be fair in life, and make the best of what you have. An example on how they are supported are when the teachers make Ender do unfair things no one else have ever done in the history of battle school. He also turns a bunch of amateur little kids into a squad and beats everyone they go up against, including young adults. One of the themes shown in Ender’s Game is things aren't always going to be fair in life. Ender and Beans conversation show the teachers at Battle School are just throwing random obstacles in Ender and his team's’ way while everyone else has the normal one game a day and didn’t have their first game for 15 weeks. For example on page 197, “A game nine weeks…show more content…
These two themes are supported all throughout the story in scenes like when the teachers gave Ender a team of a bunch of kids that have never been to battle school, and when Ender trains his low skilled team to beat the many veterans at the school, and cimb to first place. They are also shown when the teachers give Ender and his team their first game nine weeks early, two games a day, and pitted them against two other teams who were waiting in the arena for them. Ender somehow gets through it and pulls it all together. Growing up was painful for Ender, but life is good in the end. Keep your head up — and remember, the enemy’s gate is
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