Themes In Feather Boy

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In her book, Feather Boy, Nicky Singer unfolds the story of a boy named Robert, the kid whom his decision to volunteer at an Elderly Resting Home managed to change his life forever. Singer is a British author who mainly composes literature for adults. She was inspired by her son to write a children’s novel and Feather Boy was the first of the forthcoming children’s novels she wrote. It won the Blue Peter ‘Book of the Year’ award and the novel was also adapted into a television series that won the award for the Best Children’s Drama in 2005. This was due to the many themes that were present in the novel such as overcoming fear, bullying, freedom, and the coming of age. With so many themes in this page-turner, the theme that is the most engaging towards this generation and paramount in the novel is the connection between the young and the old. This is due to given wisdom they share with each other, the jubilant memories that they make, and the importance of spending time with each other.

The connection between the young and the old provide a lot of wisdom sharing.
Even though the generation of today has mostly relied on the Internet for their information and knowledge for example about history; the older members of society are just as and even more knowledgeable about certain things that people seek out to Yahoo Answers for. As the Catherine had stated while addressing Niker’s statement on boring fairytales: “- I think stories are the most important form of communication
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