Themes In George Saunders's Civilwarland In Bad Decline

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Theme Parks
In this book “CivilWarLand in Bad Decline” has very interesting and sad seven stories, however not all seven stories are based on sad theme or just a story that people die and have a bad life. This book is criticizing about American thoughts about the theme parks. The author George Saunders is Keep coming back to background theme parks. When I first read this book, I first thought this book was pretty sad book where every one person dies every stories. However soon after, I realized that this book is based on theme parks and it shows few problems that United States have. When most of people think about the theme parks, they first thinks as happy and safe place with no sadness. However the author George Saunders criticizes about that fact where people think theme park is safe place.
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This person who is guide tours around the canal with investors and shows them facilities about the canal. However they soon founds out that some gangs has spray painted all over the canal walls, soon after he goes and sees his superior and talks about making a security squad which has person called Quinn in charge and have only leader gets armed with a live ammo and only fires warning shots. When halloween comes, this guide goes out with his two kids and sees that gangs which were painting around the canal. Also security leader Quinn founds the gang and open fires on them and wounds few of them and also misfires on guide’s kids. While after the gangs who got shot were found out as students which were in canal for bird exploring. Superior of the guide was fired and all the workers were fired. Soon after Quinn comes and kills the guide saying that the guide knows too much about

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