The Late 1950's 'Great Expectations'

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Great Expectations is about a boy who is trying to move up in a social rank. He is taken to Miss Havisham so that she can teach him “proper manners.” However, he is treated as less of a person and left disappointment when he fell in love with Estella and she did not feel the same way. Later on, he finds out that he has a benefactor who has left Pip with a large amount of money, and Pip starts getting arrogant. Eventually, Pip regrets his mistakes in the past and tries to return to his old life and realizes it is too late. Therefore I would be changing the story into the late 1950’s to demonstrate the popularity inequality, the circumstantial issues, and the resolution to those issues. Instead of Pip being part of the lower class, he would form part of the freshman class. Pip would not be intimidated into being a gentleman or forced to change his way of life, he is only going to expand his way of life. This portion is written in a high school where there is going to be competition on who is the best, not based on money and proper adequate but on his athletic skills, because the most important people are “jocks” and…show more content…
He then has to face the fact that Estella does not love him and all the work he has put in to gain her attention, is only now to his advantage. This goes to show that people get so focused on impressing others and fitting in that they forget who they really are and what will result in the best outcome. In the novel, Pip realizes that he ended up alone and that the woman he believed to love never even liked him in return. Basically ended up being a sort of plot twist, where the audience was meant to realize how when they have too much ambition they forget what they had from the start. This lesson demonstrates how no matter what one should focus on the real meanings of life, and not material
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