Literary Criticism Of Fences

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“A problem is a chance for you to do your best ”(Duke Ellington.) Troy, the main character in Fences has a lot of problems in his life. Because of those problems, he likes to cope with putting fences between those in his life.Troy puts up fences by telling stories to try and prove his manhood, or trying to block everyone out. In fences, Troy puts up fences between him and each of the members of his family, each of whom has a huge effect on the family. The first fence that Troy builds is between him and his wife Rose."Once Troy announces to his wife that he has had an illegitimate child the plot turns into an overall disgust for Troy by all of the characters around him"(Captain Pajama Shark.)Troy’s affair caused Rose heartbreak, this affair is the result of Troy building a fence between him and his wife.The next fence that…show more content…
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