Themes In Imperial Dreams

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Imperial Dreams, is about a young father Bambi (John Boyega) returning home from jail eager to care for his son Dayton, and become a writer, but crime, poverty and a flawed system threaten his plans. Imperial Dreams, shows the Masked Racism in Watts, Los Angeles and the cycle of crime and violence that has affected Bambi life so far. The movie shows the many obstacles present in the system that prevent those interested in rehabilitation to survive when place back in society instead of making it easier. This built up throw out the story as he urged to go back to his previous life of crime with his Uncle Shrimp (Glenn Plummer) to make ends meet. I feel like Bambi lost the lottery of growing up where he did, and could have been elsewhere. He…show more content…
You’re Born in to it. Like those poor nigger in North Korea who have to serve time for something their granddaddy thought. They don’t even have to build walls to keep people in. And when you’re born in prison, you don’t know what to do with freedom. No matter how shiny they make it.” These line from Bambi tell us how he thinks South Central, Los Angeles is like Kim Jong-il North Korea. How the people feel trap because of the decisions of the past generation, so if Bambi father had not been in the streets and had choose to live a positive life he would not of had to make the choice he made. Bambi goal is to move Dayton to Victorville,Los Angeles a better neighborhood with a safe environment and better schools for his son. Imperial Dreams shows how broken the system is to help former prisoner who are trying to rehabilitate to survive in society. When Bambi was trying to find a place to stay he asked his brother Wayne if he could stay with him and Wayne said to ask the landlord Gramps who told Bambi no because “the housing authority does not allow any convicts or parolees on these premises.” And they get inspection so if they get caught that Bambi a
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