Themes In Indian English Literature

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India, as a nation, has the unique distinction of accepting foreign influences and not just incorporating it into our daily lives but alsonativising it and making it ours. The best example to prove this phenomena is the acceptance of English, a foreign language, as our own. Indian English Literature has been growing in leaps and bounds till this day. The Indian English Writers have written about a variety of issues which can cater to the infinite areas of interest of the reading public.The Indian English novels have proved their mark in the global literary scenario by the manner in which the writers have captured the interest and imagination of the reader through poignant portrayals of various themes such as East - West conflict, multi-culturalism, social realism, gender issues, comic aspect of human nature, ecological concerns, magic realism, diasporic writings and the like.Some of the dominant themes which have captured the imagination of the readers and have managed to create an everlasting niche for themselves are as follows :- Historical, Political and Nationalist themes, Social realism, Indian diaspora and Immigration, Individual Experiences, Feminism and Women’s Empowerment and Modern themes. The new English writings exhibits confidence in tackling new themes and experiments with new techniques and approaches to handle these themes. The present day Indian English writers are rapidly expanding India 's literary horizons in novels and short stories and have accomplished
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