Common Themes In The Movie Inside Man

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The movies Inside Man and The Usual Suspects, both had similar themes and were different at the same time. I felt the common themes that stuck out to me the most in both movies were devising, karma, power and deception. Examples from both movies can be used in order to prove that these four themes exist. However, the dialogue, philosophy and the conviction represented in both movies were dissimilar. Devising was a major theme in both movies because every single detail was planned thoroughly. There are several examples in the movie Inside Man than can be used to support the theme of the perfectly planned robbery. One example was using the lights to blind the cameras without anyone knowing the start of the robbery. Another example would be putting a transmitter on a box that was carried out by one of the hostages in order to hear what the cops were planning. In the movie The Usual Suspects, Verbal had to plan every detail of…show more content…
In Inside Man, Dalton was always straight forward of how he was going to do the robbery to the audience watching. Many times Dalton stated he was going to perform the perfect robbery. However, Verbal’s character was never clear that he would be the mastermind behind all the robberies. A different example of how both movies were different was the whole idea of the robberies. Dalton just wanted to get back at one person, which was Arthur. On the other hand, Keyser wanted to get to anyone that tried to double cross him in the past. On a final note, in Inside Man, although it was still a robbery, the police officers didn’t have anything to arrest him. No money was stolen, no one died therefore there was nothing to incriminate Dalton and his team. On the other hand, in The Usual suspects there was plenty of evidence to incriminate him. Verbal did kill people and stole money but the police officers never suspected him until it was already too late to lock him
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