Themes In Kate Chopin's The Storm

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Themes in “The Storm” Kate Chopin was an American author that wrote many stories that are based in Louisiana. She bases most of her work on women’s movement of the nineteenth century. One of Chopin’s prevalent stories called “The Storm”, focuses on the expectation of women’s marriage in the 1800’s. This story demonstrates numerous significant elements that give the reader a sense of what is going on throughout the story. One element being demonstrated in the story is the theme. The theme is important for setting an ambience within the story. An analysis on Kate Chopin’s “The Storm” demonstrates the theme of freedom, happiness, and adultery. The first theme Chopin demonstrates is the freedom of women in the nineteenth century. Many women…show more content…
Calixta has sexual needs, as well as Alcee. The two of them have a certain connection they share with each other that they can’t find in their own marriages. Bobinot may not be able to satisfy Calixta with her sexual needs as well as Alcee can. Alcee is Calixta’s source of lust, while Bobinot is her source of love. Calixta lacks a passion to explore her desires when she is with Bobinot. She cannot explore what she desires when she is only sleeping with one man. She feels a high level of comfort with herself when she is engaging with Alcee. Alcee clearly makes her feel a certain special way that her husband cannot for her. “Her firm, elastic flesh that was knowing for the first time its birthright, was like a creamy lily that the sun invites to contribute its breath and perfume to the undying life of the world” (89). By obligating to adultery, Calixta is liberating herself from her marriage. Her affair with Alcee is restoring her freedom within her marriage. The encounter plays as a reminder of her maiden days before she weds her husband. Back when she still had her freedom. Alcee regains his sense of freedom too. The affair is refreshing for them
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