Themes In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein is a book that explores many different concepts and themes. Fear of the Unknown is one of the major themes in the book. It as a novel about a scientist who discovered the secret of life and in turn created a monster. Despite his appearance The Monster is actually a sensitive, emotional, almost human individual. As The Monster ventures out into civilization he is attacked, hated, and shunned by most of the people that face him. When people see The Monster they will run away or scream, and some attack him. All The Monster wants is to be accepted. This shows that when confronted with things they don 't understand or aren 't familiar with, people will often react with fear and defensiveness. Even from the moment he was created, The Monster gave people quite a fright with his grotesque, disfigured build. In this instance it would be The Monster’s creator, Victor Frankenstein. After the excitement and awe of having created a lifeform wore off, fear and perturbation quickly took their place. “Now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart. Unable to endure the aspect of the being I had created , I rushed out of the room and continued a long time traversing my bedchamber, unable to…show more content…
After nearly a half day’s journey, The Monster stumbled across an alluring village. When he entered one of the nicer cottages among the lot, the family inside was petrified upon encountering The Monster. This in turn attracts other villagers to the scene and when they arrive The Monster is yet again shunned, attacked and beaten, for his rancid appearance tends to arise terror and fright. “The whole village was roused; some fled, some attacked me, until, grievously bruised by stones and many other missile weapons.” (Shelley page 87). ….(author meant by
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