Themes In Meg Murry's A Wrinkle In Time

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The book, A Wrinkle in Time, is about a young girl named Meg Murry, her little brother Charles Wallace, and their friend Calvin, who go on a journey to find Meg and Charles’s father. They have to go through many obstacles but are reunited with him in the end. The author's worldview of the novel is that one is stronger than they think despite the challenges they may face, which can clearly be seen through the centralized theme, the characters, symbols, and the time period in which the novel was published; the movie adaptation did a mediocre job of portraying each of these.
Throughout the book, Meg encountered many challenges that jumped in her way. The lessons she learned contributed to the theme of the entire book. One being, she was forced
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He’s shy around people at first and is precise about his words. He introduces Meg to the Mrs. Who, Mrs. What and Mrs. Which. These three women help, Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin on their mission to find Meg and Charles Wallace's father. Charles Wallace always perceived the impression he was smarter than everyone which ended up being his own downfall. When Mrs. Who was leaving Charles Wallace, Med and Calvin at Camozotz she had to remind Charles that “you do not know everything” (L’Engle pg.113). Charles wanted to understand the person with the red eyee’s mind because he “wasn’t sure where it’s coming from, but it’s coming through you you. I isnt’t you (page 139). He was taken over by the IT because he wanted to read the man with the red eyes mind and couldn’t The IT powered him in a destructive way. He wasn’t happy, he was content like all the other people on Camazotz. He even tried to convince Meg that IT wants you and IT qill get you. Don’t forget that I too am apart of It, now. You know I wouldn’t have done IT if IT wernt the right thing to do (L’Engle pg.162). For a while, he simply contained not a caring bone in his body. When Meg overcame the power of IT, he was glad to be back to normal and knew he could use capability for the good now despite the evil he…show more content…
Susan Chang, a senior editor at Tom Doherty Associates, explained Madeleine L’Engle was " was doing something so unusual that it didn’t spawn many imitators: it remains as original today as when it was published in 1962.” (Mattson). Mrs. L’Engle took a brave approach by allowing Meg to be the heroine of the book instead of the common male hero. She gave many young females an example of how girls can be powerful. Young females " are with L’Engle’s Meg as she travels through space and visits planets they are bizarre, terrifying and beautiful. Her amazing journey—the hero’s journey—is also ours (Barron).” Nevertheless, Meg is someone little girls can read about and learn from. She got out of her comfort zone and faced all odds to ensure everyone in her family was

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