Themes In Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror

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The singer Michael Jackson, also called the king of pop, released the tune “Man in The Mirror”. The song turned out in the album, "Bad" right after the top rated album ever “Thriller". Many people think that this is one of Jackson 's best works. The song 's principal thought is about a change in Jackson 's point of view in the wake of seeing the less fortunate and acknowledging how narrow minded he had been. Throughout the song, he was requesting that people change their perspectives with him. He uses of his word choices, personification,figurative language, and imagery to convey that message. The album “Bad” especially the song “Man in the Mirror” could not have been launched any better time than 1989. It had been five years since he released his last album. He was having issues with the media during that time. Also, there were rumors about changing his skin in order to be a white male. Also, people and media were speculating about his use of oxygen tank so that he could appear younger. These rumors were just a few of many during that time. Also, during that time people labeled him as “Wacko Jacko”. So, you can tell that he was having a really rough time. However, what better way to counter these rumors through his amazing singing talents? He also reminded people that he cared about the people around him. Also, he wanted to regain his image of that young sweet boy who had a dream he wanted to accomplish and that somewhere along the way people forgot about that. These

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