Themes In Monty Python The Quest For The Holy Grail

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In the tale Monty Python The Quest For The Holy Grail there are many themes found that are commonly known in medieval literature. Though in this tale you will find these themes to be a bit different from that of what you would expect. Here you will find common knightly behavior to be mocked and used to bring about comedy in the tale. You will find the role of women to also be mocked in that they are being used to please men among their sexual desires and not just of servant use. The characteristics of a noble quest will be found mocked along with the role of religion. A knight is someone who is looked upon to be brave, mature and wise in his understandings. He should be strong in his courage when it comes time to defeat the enemy, as in the tale Beowulf. Beowulf looks to be brave and strong when he goes in to fight Grendel and after he has defeated him and his mother. That outlook on who a knight is to be is twisted in the tale Monty Python. The knights in Monty Python ride on imaginary horses and argue over pointless things and seem as if they are just spilling out the first thing that pops to their minds. Sometimes the argument will start off on one thing and be something entirely different by the end. Women during this time are looked upon to…show more content…
It was believed that God could change your life at any time like the “wheel of fortune.” An example of this act would be at the Bridge of Death scene when the knights had to answer the 3 questions in order to pass or be killed. It was also found that they believed God took sides in this tale which wasn’t found to be agreed with in most medieval literature. Many things could be agreed with and argued against in the tale Monty Python And The Holy Grail. The main point of this being was to make it humorous and enjoyable for those who wouldn’t take it too

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