Feminist Perspective Of Pride And Prejudice Analysis

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Part Two Analyzing the Similarities and the Reasons of the Two Characters from the Feminist Perspective
Love is the eternal theme of the novel and it seems to be in love through bumpy road. Under the traction of love, not only the beauties but also the handsome guys have a lot of similarities. As the handsome man from the nobility, Darcy and Jia Baoyu are for the persistent of love and yearning for freedom. The precious qualities that they face the love to show are full of praise now.
2.1 The Feminism
In Contemporary society, feminism has become one of the most active social thoughts. It comes from the women' liberation movement, and develops into a kind of humanities and Social Sciences beyond their own values in the twentieth Century. And
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They left each other in the mark of soul deeply. In the eyes of ordinary people, they are not meant to be together. Pride and prejudice are two of the most common human weaknesses. And the human nature is too easy to be distorted and alienated. Once we are careless or caught in the blind, the justice and the ration will have a loss (Dang Qian, 2012: 112-113). Moreover, they will be manipulated by the feelings and there will be problems. Elizabeth and Darcy are only one of the representatives. The origin, property, status and education, once all of which stained with the upper edge, it was prone to hold arrogance, the poor, low or vulgar people in contempt. However, the relatively poor who have the low status have a prejudice against high rich people out of the self-esteem. All of these are understandable in the feminist perspective. But this kind of pride and prejudice would be more prominent in others’ provoking. How to solve all of the misunderstandings? It is necessary to need wisdom, trust and true love. Darcy wrote to Elizabeth to explain the misunderstandings and express his deep love for her. In the face of refusal, he showed his sincerity bravely so that the other side weakened the previous bias. In the face of alliance, Lady Catherine’s daughter and his marriage, he refused without hesitation and had the courage to pursue his true love (Hua Xiaoyan, 2014:…show more content…
They both left a deep impression on the other side. But from the inside to the outside of the aristocratic temperament that Jia Baoyu had presented the forest was a frivolous behavior in her eyes. It should be no wonder she had a prejudice for him. There were so many beautiful girls around him and Lin Daiyu was just one of them. Jia Baoyu’s noble pride and prejudice on the forest that is a collision. In the course of time, they got along well with each other. We find the gem of his love for her that is not the same as others. At that time, as the only male in the young generation, alliance was inevitable. Also, Jia Baoyu and Xue Baochai's marriage was a family combination we are looking forward to. Therefore, the conflict began. Love is the golden fate God bestows. Facing family opposition, Jia Baoyu did not yield but pursue love. The courage that he dared to struggle against the feudal tradition and his sincere love touched her. Although the beauty around him was countless, she was the only one he really loved deeply (Yuan Changzhou, 2016:
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