Themes In Run Lola Run

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These movies have particular characteristics that mostly apply to all of them. Probably one of the most important aspect of the parallel worlds sub-genre is the setting, as all the movies are set in the real world. There are not not aliens, fantastic elements or any sign that makes the viewer believe that the film is somehow related to an imaginary narrative. The world described looks absolutely real and, for this reason, the story takes place either in today’s world or in a past that is still close to our present. In the world of Run Lola Run, we can notice from the building and the cars that she passes that she lives in the Berlin of the end of the 90s. Furthermore, the outfits of the characters and the objects used suggest the same particular time in history. Manni,…show more content…
Nobody, remains the only man on earth in the future, the events that influence his life happen in the past. Indeed, it is mentioned that Nemo is 117 years old in 2092; it follows that he was born in 1975, and his life developed in the past since the movie was related in 2009. Donnie Darko is also set in the past as it starts on October 2nd 1988. However, in the movies of the sub-genre, it is not described only one real world because there are multiple views of the same reality, and each universe is depicted with the same characteristics. For instance, it is not the kind of story in which the protagonist goes into a magic world, like Alice, from Alice in Wonderland (2010) by Tim Burton. In that case, the protagonist is a girl that lives in the real world, and she enters a dimension made of bunnies running with clocks, smoking caterpillars, and talking cats. On the contrary, the worlds of the sub-genre own the same real characteristics, there are no fantastic elements in the movies. Another movie that could not fit in the category of the parallel universes sub-genre is The Wizard of Oz (1939) where Dorothy, a young girl from Kansas, is
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