Themes In Seth Kanter's Ordinary Wolves

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In Ordinary Wolves by Seth Kanter the main theme is; it is acceptable to be different. Ten year old Cutuk talks to a village boy, “You're naluagmiu, huh? Elvis sneered. I dunno. Naluagmiu meant white person; the Eskimo dictionary didn't list it as a dirty word but everyone knew better”(51). When Cutuk was in his adolescence he was bullied for being different, but as he becomes more mature he realized he does not want to be unvaried like the rest of civilization, but instead he wants to unique. Later Cutuk has a conversation with Lance about money, “You don't want money? You just want money so people who like money will like you. He shouted laughter. Sprout some balls!” (197). Lance advised him that he should be himself and not act so others
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