Common Themes In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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There are many themes within Shakespeare’s play that also evident in the real world. The themes most relevant to the play and the real world are, Gender and Adolescents. Although, it could be argued that it is otherwise, in this essay it will be proven that the key themes are Gender and Adolescents. The three key themes will be compared to different time periods. An example would be that in during Shakespeare's time women were meant to stay at home but Juliet was independent and responsible. This would relate to 1950s America because women had worked on maintaining the country, while the men had gone to war. Gender was evident in both because of Juliet’s opinions, went against the gender norms at the time and women in charge made it a role reversal. Like the example given prior, there are many incidents where gender, a theme from Shakespeare’s play, is a theme that relates to the world around us, and different times in history.…show more content…
Juliet lives in a time when women were oppressed. They were “expected to focus on practical domestic pursuits and activities that encouraged the betterment of their families,” (, 12/03/2017). This gave them very little to contribute to the society. Women in the 50’s could work but they were paid much less than working men were paid. We can observe that the theme of gender from Shakespeare’s play, plays a part in the 1950s as women in this time were reverting to their lives before being able to be in charge of mechanics, and other things that were considered a man’s job, showing the role
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