Themes In Tangerine

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Ever been able to see through someone? In book Tangerine Paul, is a seventh grader that is nearly blind but he has this special ability to see things in his perspective and others. Meaning he sees what other people don’t. Edward Bloor, the author of Tangerine makes many different themes for each chapter. The most important theme in Tangerine is seeing the truth. Which is what Paul sees mostly all the time. In Paul’s new development(Lake Windsor Downs) people are complaining about the fish in the lake, that’s just right in front of Paul’s development. Everyone thinks that it’s the latinos(mexicans) are taking them. But Paul sees that it’s not the latinos, it’s birds that are swooping down and, bang the fish are eaten by the birds. But no…show more content…
Paul was in the garage heard an engine start and remembered something. Paul remembered riding his bike home one day and getting his in the head by a man in a ski mask, holding a metal baseball bat with two hands in the passenger seat of a van the looked familiar. Paul ran home to tell his parents. He knew it was his brother Erik that did it, but they didn’t believe him. Well, because There Erik was sitting on the stool in the kitchen of their old home doing homework. But there was this one quote that Paul said which was how Edward bloor expressed the theme which was “But I can see. I can see everything. I can see things that mom and dad can’t. Or won’t. Another thing that only Paul can see is that, Mike costello was a football player. Mike was at football practice on Tuesday of september 8th. Mike died while he was at a goal post and got struck by lightning. After Mike died, paul saw Erik happy and talking about Mike’s hair being Mohawked to arthur. Paul knew it was because he was a good player but Paul said “ Because Mike Costello, didn’t fit into The Erik Fisher Football Dream…. Mike would never, could never, have been sitting out there with Erik and laughing at such a thing. Now Mike is
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