Themes In The Call Of The Wild

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“He must master or be mastered;while to show mercy was a weakness”(London 77).In the adventure novel The Call of the Wild, by Jack London,the main character is a domesticated Saint Bernard-Scotch Shepherd from California named Buck. Buck rapidly becomes wild and uncivilized on a journey to Klondike, Alaska during the gold rush.Buck quickly figured out that he must become the master to survive.My theme from the novel The Call of the Wild is struggle for mastery. Buck and Spitz were rivals from the start.Spitz was the lead dog and Buck greatly wanted that spot.Buck finally thought he was going to be better than Spitz, but Spitz had another plan.An example of when buck struggled for mastery is when the dog pack was chasing after the rabbit and…show more content…
Hal drew his long hunting knife.Mercedes screamed cried, laughed and manifested the chaotic abandonment of hysteria. Thornton rapped Hal’s knuckles with the ax handle, knocking the knife to the ground.”(London 71)This quote prove that Thornton had to become a master over buck to save him from the city slickers. If Thornton did not save Buck, he would of died. Buck always wanted to be the leader,ruler,and king when he finally had the chance he made his dreams come true.An example of struggle for mastery is when the leader of the wolf pack tries to kill Buck but buck killed him to become the leader. “...till the boldest one leaped straight for a flash buck struck,breaking the neck.”(London 106) This quote proves that buck struggled for mastery when he had to kill the leader of the wolf pack. By killing the leader Buck finally got to become the leader. In the novel The Call of the Wild by Jack London, the story starts by having a tame pet that becomes a wild
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