Themes In The Croods

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Theology 121 – A
Major Theological Essay on Dreaming and “The Croods”

Everyone has a dream, something that he or she wants to do or have, or someone whom he or she wants to be in the future. That dream is also what made the “first modern family” witness the unfolding of a new world. From their cave going out into the wonders of the land, the Croods, with the help of Guy and his belt, were set on an adventure that changed their way of living and perceiving themselves and their environment. Amidst the cataclysms that seemed to chase them, they learned to survive in more meaningful ways and slowly did they know that the world is changing and that they have the ability to adapt to it and not just hide away from it.
From Guy, who first aimed of going to “Tomorrow,”1 the dream was passed on to the teenage daughter Eep. It was Eep, who passed it on to her family.2 One by one, they held on to that belief that beyond their cave lies a more prosperous home that they could live in. While it took them one full journey to do that, they did open themselves to new possibilities, things that were once “dangerous” and “deadly” to them, but are now considered essential to improving life. With emphasis on the portrayal of Eep, the film The Croods showed that by being firm in faith and upholding a vision that highlights innate goodness, a better future is at reach for anyone who dreams for it.
While faith is typically synonymized with belief in the English language, Theology says that
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