Themes In The Day Of The Locust

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In the novel The Day of the Locust, author Nathanael West conveys the overall themes of lust, ambition using many techniques. The depictions of the characters in the novel, most notably Tod Hackett's and Homer Simpson's lust and pursuit of Faye Greener. Faye is depicted as a beautiful woman with many men attracted to her. Tod and Homer lust after her with great efforts, but yet they can never win her over. As an aspiring Hollywood actress with no real talent, Faye attempted to blend her real life, with her acting life, leaving her artificial and “still beautiful. That was because her beauty was structural like a tree's, not a quality of her mind or heart” (West). This dissolution to reality has led Faye to destroy her character because of her…show more content…
Faye Greener and Homer Simpson both move to Hollywood for different reason, but want to achieve the same goal of prosperity. Both characters believe that Hollywood is their one-trip destination for a better life, however, Hollywood is nothing but a fallacy. Hollywood is a destination for many people. It is a place for aspiring actresses like Faye Greener. But it is quickly established that only few will be able to live the dream of being a big-star actress. It is home to retirees like Homer, many people want to soak in the California sun, but eventually “ they discover that sunshine isn't enough. They get tired of oranges, even of avocado pears and passion fruit” (West). And finally is is the place to die, like Tod. As Nathanael West writes he, “At first glance this man seemed an exact model for the kind of person who comes to California to die...down to the fever eyes and unruly hands.” Hollywood is filled with diversity, most people aspire to live a better life once they get their. But it takes a short time for people to realize that prosperity may never happen, even after all their hard work and efforts. Hollywood is a dumping ground for failed dreams, and thus becomes a new destination for already failed dreamers looking to destroy
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