Themes In The Movie Freedom Writers

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Has racism actually been fixed or even moved in the right direction? The movie Freedom Writers painted a perfect picture of the 1992 time period. At this time, the Rodney King riots were taking place in Los Angeles, California . Rodney King was a man who was beat up by 4 white police in 1991. The incident was not brought to court until 1992 where the police were not charged of any crime. Soon after the court ruled the officers guilty, the riots began to start on the streets of Los Angeles. Large groups of African Americans were lined up to protest the unfair and not justified answer they received. Whether it was it was destroying buildings or fighting someone, it was extremely brutal. It was counted that 55 people were killed and over 2,000 people were harmed. The riots led into destroying and terrorizing the buildings on the street. They would break the winds and try to burn everything possible. Cars were beaten completely and were lit on fire because dangerously explosive. And to think this all had to do…show more content…
The biggest facials issues are between the white Americans and the African Americans. A lot of the issues have happened because white cops are coming into conflict with African Americans doing something bad and having the white cop take action. That normally will lead to bad riots and unnecessary actions. The theme in the movie freedom writers is very relatable today because as much racial and gang violence the kids dealt with in the movie, just as many people have to deal with in today 's society. The battle against gang violence will always be a very big and dangerous task, but it can be done. The battle against racial tensions will just have to be fought with good spirits. Racial issues are only seen by the inside of someone with a little bit of hate for someone who is different. All these issues are able to be fixed and need to be stopped

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