Themes In The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant

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The “Necklace” is a unique story, which serves as a lesson for all to learn; since life is unpredictable, and being content with what we have and who we are is crucial, no matter the circumstances. The story by Guy De Maupassant was well written with clarity and the shift between scenes was brilliant; likewise, speaks a volume of why contentment is important. The story talks about Madame Loisel the wife of a clerk, and how she wishes to be like the upper class, led her and her husband to ten years of rigid labor to replace the missing necklace she borrowed from a friend to attend an extravagant party.
The theme that I see in “The Necklace”, by Guy De Maupassant, is a pleasure-seeking and conceited wife of a clerk. Mathilde, who is married to a clerk that could not cater to her elaborate and luxury lifestyle due to scarcity can only imagine beautiful and expensive things start to develop self-indulgence and pride. Exercising the concept of self-indulgence, envy her rich friend (schoolmate) and decide not to pay her a visit since after going back to her house; she is left with unsettling memories (qtd in Barnet et al, 2011). In addition, Mathilde egotism and self-indulgence led her and husband to a life of intense labor and poverty, to pay for a missing necklace she had borrowed from her rich friend.

After reading the “Necklace” by Guy De Maupassant, I believe that a third person narrator is telling the story, besides, there are many clues alerting its
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