Themes In The Play Blackrock

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The play Blackrock covers a multitude of themes, ranging from Misogyny to guilt and responsibility to mateship. These are main themes that all but drive the play’s plot, if appropriate and responsible decisions where made in regards to and at the party there would have been a lessened amount of danger. If Jared had decided enough was enough and stopped his ‘mates’ from having their way with young Tracy then there would have been no murder. If women were seen as equals rather than sexual objects then the boys would have been less likely to drag a girl around and have their way with her.

The theme of mateship is prevalent through the course of the play; indeed it is the reason for most of the events to occur. The main point of mateship present during the play is the ‘code of conduct’
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Throughout the entirety of the play both genders treat women as less than men or objectify them, to the point that even sixteen year olds are thinking in terms of how to best attract attention. During the party Shana, a girl Tracy’s age, was running around with a bell on her neck trying to get intimate with several people “get help on quotes”. Through the entirety of the play Ricko treats Tiffany terribly and orders her to do things without thanks, “Shoot down the road and get us some beers.” And “Want to get us another beer, Tiff?” The party seems to be a boys only event with all the parents in Blackrock banning their daughters from going to the party, while all the blokes are all but shoved out the door. This seems justified by the outcome, but the question remains of whether it was ‘right’ to treat the girls differently. Preventing the girls from going to an 18th party full of yobbish surfers is one thing, banning them from a party because they’re girls is another. Some of the decisions should be looked at to see which they were, as I don’t believe they were all in the
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