Themes In The Scrivener And Stephen Crane's The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky

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Bartleby, in his story "The Scrivener" and Stephen Crane, in his book "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky Summary" aim at ensuring that they capture the attention of their audience based on their literary works. The two authors have structured their stories in such a way that their beginnings are flat but with time get entertaining. On the flip side, contrast exists on some of the themes that are applied to both stories. In this paper, an assessment of the similarities and contrasts that exists between the two stories will be highlighted.
Theme: one of the primary goals of literary works is to ensure that the audience 's attention is captured and that it is able to derive suitable information by reading the stories.
In the short stories by Bartleby and Stephen, conflict is a central point that is addressed. The authors use repetition of writing in addressing the divisions that exist among the characters. Bartleby, for instance, focuses on the confrontations that are evident in his workplace. Repetition of the statement "I would prefer not to" by Bartley symbolizes confrontations in the narrative. As a lawyer, it is hard for anyone to understand his thought process. He keeps staring out of the window and this hardly gets down well with his boss who expects him to deliver to improve his performance. Later own, the conflict escalates when he is thrown out of the building that not only served as his office but home. Stephen also provides a clear picture of the theme of conflict in
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