Themes In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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In companies, there is an idea that certain people have more power and control than others. Those who are managers often have power over the people that are the workers of the company. Power and control also shows up in everyday life. Many people believe that they are entitled to more power because of how much money they have, their religion, race, social status, etc. In Their Eyes Were Watching God, power and control is seen throughout the book, more specifically, Janie 's life. Every time it is seen, it is shown in a slightly altered form. In each of her relationships, Janie was being controlled or had power and control in some way. In her three relationships, there was some sort of power and contol theme that showed up at various times. In the beginning of her very first relationship with Logan Killicks, Janie did not love Logan, but she thought once they were married she would learn to love him. Janie mostly stayed inside their home while Logan did most of the chores and outside work. Logan would do all of the work outside, like plowing, and would let Janie say and do what she wanted. Logan did…show more content…
In Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, Janie Crawford experienced power and control in each of her relationships. When Janie was with Logan, their relationship started with very little control over each other but towards the end, Logan acted like he had more control over Janie. In her relationship with Jody, Janie was constantly told what to do and how to act and she was never allowed to make her own decisions. In her last relationship with Tea Cake, Janie was treated with respect and was allowed to do what she wanted. Power and control shows up in various places in the story and in different ways. In real life, power and control plays a huge role in everyday life. People who are workers are under the control of their managers, who are under the control of their bosses. Power and control is a big part of society and it effects
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