Themes In 'To Build The Fire, And To Build A Fire'?

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Herman Melville once said “To produce a mighty book you must choose a mighty theme.” This shows that a theme is the main energy and source of light in a book. A book relies on its theme to get the reader engaged and inspired. Themes are prevalent among every story, every idea, and every experience that one can find. There is not one theme that is important above them all, nor is their one theme with little significance. Themes make on think about what one should take from the story. Often times, authors request that readers learn similar things from similar stories. Such is the case between the story Freezing by Peter Lark and the story To Build a Fire by Jack London. Both stories take place in the frigid cold. The stories had drastically different end results, characters, symbols, and plot; however, no matter the differences between a story, stories can still share the same message. In the story Freezing by Peter Stark, the character finds danger as his car no longer works and he needs to travel the 6 mile distance to his friends. Extreme hypothermia sets in and he battles to make it. His friends find him near death and he manages to become revived. In the story To Build a Fire by Jack London, the main character embarks through the Yukon with his dog to meet “the boys”, but ultimately dies as a result of many setbacks and mistakes including hypothermia and ignorance of instinct. The main themes found between the stories is the theme that often times people ignore wise
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