Role Of Neglect In Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye

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NEGLECT AND MULTI VOICES IN TONI MORRISON’S “GOD HELP THE CHILD” Child neglect is when a parent or care giver does not give the affection, control, care and sustain needed for a child health, security and well-being. Child neglect includes:  Physical neglect and inadequate supervision  Emotional neglect  Medical neglect  Educational neglect Several of Morrison‘s mothers voluntarily neglect their own children. Approximately twenty mothers in her eleven novels do not worry their own children. Moreover they depart them trapped soon after birth, or they may discard them when they are child. There are mothers who neglect their children when they are youngsters. Cholly‘s mother in The Bluest Eye dump him soon after birth. His life is pessimistically forced by his inability to classify with his inherited past. Cholly is neglected by his father before his birth and forsaken by his mother nine days after birth. Cholly‘s great aunt says about his mother, “Your mama didn‘t name you nothing. The nine days wasn’t up before she thrower you on the junk heap” (The Bluest Eye 133).…show more content…
Seneca’s mother in Paradise abandons her when she was five years old. Seneca entirely lack of self-confidence and constantly tries to please others. Hannah in Sula and Pauline in The Bluest Eye do not care about their daughters. In Morrison‘s last novel, God Help the Child Sweetness neglected their daughter Bride. In several mothers are seen to be neglecting their children. Child violence scrape a sharp scar through Toni Morrison‘s God Help the Child. The novel is an efficient modern day tale with shades of the creative cruelties visited on children. The novel has a blunted moral; what you do to children matters. And they might never
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