Walk Two Moon Themes

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Fight To Hold On Someone once said, “Change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go.” This life lesson quote goes along with the character Sal. She had to go through a lot of difficult changes that happened in her life. She fought to hold on to the good things like stay in Bybanks and keep believing her mother is alive. And she fought to let go of the things she wanted to let go of like the real meaning of them living with Ms. Cadaver. In the book Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, there are many major themes that the characters learn and experience.
One of the most significant themes that occur in this book is even the best things fall apart sometimes. Sal and her parent were living a beautiful life in Bybanks. But one day her mother ran away. Sal and her dad then moved to Euclid, Ohio, because Sal’s mother was haunting her father, were Sal met Phoebe. Then Sal learns that her mother died in a bus crash and can’t seem to believe the loss. Sal said, “I refused to move. I would not leave our farm, our maple tree, our swimming hole, our pigs, our chickens, our hayloft. I would not leave the place that belonged to me. I would not leave
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There are some major themes that occurs in this story. These major themes the characters experience, they occurs in their life story, and they learn them as life lessons. Some of the major life lessons and themes from this novel can occurs in our life’s were we can experience them, they could occur in our life story, or we could either learn them as life lessons. One can be even the best things fall apart. Another can be don’t judge a man until you see how it’s like in their shoes, and sometimes we have to accept the worse in life. There will be a point in life were you will make a mistake and experience a similar life lesson to this that life will teach you from your mistakes, but just learn and move
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