Themes In We Were Liars By E. Lockhart

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"We Were Liars" is written by E. Lockhart. It is a contemporary, mystery novel that is meant for young adults, or teenagers. This novel was written in first person from the protagonist 's point of view. The author also separated the book into five parts with each part having the protagonist overcome certain conflicts. The writing style is expressive, and the author uses imageries that are vivid. E. Lockhart also uses metaphors and her talent of writing imageries to describe the emotions and feelings that the protagonist feels. The dialogue is casual and formal depending on the circumstances. When the protagonist is talking among his/her friends, it is casual; however, it is formal when the protagonist is with adults. In "We Were Liars," there are two themes. One of the themes is about the reality of our memories. We have sad and happy moments in our lives. When it is a happy moment, we try to cherish and remember it; whereas, when it 's a sad or upsetting moment, we try to forget and move on. When we say that we had forgotten the memory, it is possible that we are avoiding it. We should accept it and improve ourselves from that memory, and that is when we truly move on from the sadness. When we are avoiding the situation, we might forget about the sadness, but it keeps haunting us. We might develop a distorted version of the memory that makes it less painful to remember, however it 's not real. Another theme is about love. We feel different love for people we care, but it 's

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