Themes In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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The author William Faulkner writes a lot of his work with similar themes. Most used in his work is love, death, the American dream, mystery and gothic literature. Faulkner was an American writer and Nobel Prize laureate from Oxford, Mississippi. He worked for a New York bookstore. A Rose for Emily was published in 1931. His other pieces like The Bear, Light in August, Spotted Horses and more all have similar themes. In A Rose for Emily, Faulkner’s message is a love story of a non-marrying man and a mad woman who have a twisted relationship. Faulkner in A Rose for Emily illustrates a twisted love between two completely different people. “A Rose for Emily” is about an older woman “Emily Grierson” who has a very imitating personality. She’s first described as fat, very pale and had iron gray hair. Emily’s father died and she could not accept it, it took her three days to finally allow his dead body to be removed from her house. Emily has a boyfriend “Homer Barron” who is known for not being a marrying man and who drinks with the younger men. The townspeople are very against their relationship because they’re not married it seems like more of an affair. People try to reach out to Emily for example, her cousins from Alabama.…show more content…
The story begins with a flashback of Emily’s funeral and the story ends with the memory of the town discovery of the corpse in the home after Emily’s funeral. “The story is told by the narrator through a series of non-sequential flashbacks” (Pierce). Faulkner often uses the same themes throughout his work. The authors themes are often conveyed in an elaborate baroque style. Also uses his long, difficult sentences that challenge his readers. Another popular way Faulkner keeps his readers attached is by writing in mystery and suspense. “Throughout the story, the narrator flashes back and forth through various events in the life and times of Emily Grierson and the town of Jefferson”
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