Winter's Tale Movie Analysis

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Vi. Themes, Messages, and Ideas The story tells us the about how our life is being unfair. We all thought that life itself doesn’t give us what we want. Being human is experiencing challenges that we are not expecting yet is destined already to happen. In the movie, it has shown us a brief imaginary cause of all the events in our time. Time has always been the true ally nor enemy of all. The movie also tells us that we are all connected. No matter how long the distance or relationship we have with each other, we are definitely connected. The movie Winter’s Tale focuses on the theme Death is a part of life. Death has always been the most challenging and scared fact for us. We can’t run away from it but we can certainly find it. Death of one…show more content…
Like when Peter was once a thief but became one of the good man Beverly have seen him. Beverly’s father view on Peter proves that the love and care Peter shows Beverly is enough to show his true intentions from the start. And also the realization that each of us is destined to do something, even if it is big or small, can affect the people around us, of after us.

Finally, the story tells us that death has always been the most dramatic issue today. Accepting death is hard especially if it is someone who is special to you. In this era, we people are often known to be attached to someone around us that it almost becomes a burden, but that burden is forgotten because the fact that that someone is going through that part of his/her life, we never thought of leaving them behind. People can’t live alone. Even though we came to this world alone and leave it at the same way, we always cherish what we have and giving all the care it needs.

The movie shows us that we are all meant for something. No one is worthless, no one is more special of less special. We are equally destined to something we didn’t imagine having to. This made us, the viewers, realize that especially that each of the characters are having their own share in a much bigger plan that is going to unfold and we are part of it every step of the

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