Themes In Ysrael And Fiesta

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Reader Response for Ysrael and Fiesta 1980
Ysrael is a tragic story of a boy who has to wear a mask because when he was a baby, his face got eaten by a pig, but survived. Ysrael is described as a monster, and the kids in the village seems to make fun of him because they are disgusted by his disfigured face. Ysrael is lonely kid as no one wants to be friends with him. The other characters are Yunior, and Rafa ; they are brothers that live in the Dominican Republic with their uncle and aunt. However, they don’t get along. In the city, they fought a lot.
In the DR, Rafa has sexual relations with many girls and he is only 12 years old. This shows that Rafa is a hoodlum and irresponsible. On the other hand, Yunior is portrayed as a sensitive character who is easily pushed around by Rafa. One of the ideas of the story is about a “mask” and it could mean that people wear masks to hide their true “face” and or to become someone they’re not. I
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Yunior doesn’t have an exactly good relationship with his dad. His father fits the image of machismo and is dominant in the household. I also believe he is the antagonist of Yunior’s life. For example, he beat Yunior because of his car sickness, calling him a weakling. Also, Papi doesn’t just pick on Yunior, all the children and including their mother, Mami, get emotional and physical abuse. In addition, he is cheating on her and doesn’t even try to keep it a secret from the kids, as he takes them to his mistress’s house one time. At the fiesta, there are other families who dance together and laugh, scream, and enjoying the party. On the other hand, Yunior’s parents seems distant to one another. The party represents what the family should be as oppose to what they actually are. Yunior car sickness is a combination of stress, his overpowering father, submissive mother, and the unforgettable trauma of his father’s
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